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Miss hits in golf and how to stop hitting the dreaded “fat shot”

Most golfers hit their irons poorly because they learned to stop hitting the ground before hitting the ball by pulling their arms in. The first time you are aware of this is when someone videos your swing from head-on and you see your left elbow fly out in the follow thru. The link below has…

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Millers BrookA walk behind Killington.

Never been there? There's a safer, more interesting way to go off bounds at Killington. And, better yet, it's a great way to keep in good physical shape. Article from Franklin Sites.

For any of you that want to make the trek, contact SkiBrain for more information. Log in to the blog section now.

Skibrain Headlines
Skibrain Headlines

Killington Announces Improvements for 2012

Michael Salomino

Killington Resort has invested over $20 million in the last five years including the Skye Peak Express Quad, snowmaking improvements along with preparation to build Killington’s new Peak facility.

Crews will complete the sewer system from the Killington Peak to the K-1 Lodge as well as set the foundation, footings and bottom floor walls of the new Peak facility. The construction management company, Engelberth from Colchester, VT, will resume building in the spring of 2013 with the intention of completing the new facility by Christmas 2013. Furthermore, we will continue to upgrade our snowmaking system, fine tune our trails and install an 18-hole disc golf course this summer.

Skibrain Headlines
Skibrain Headlines
Skibrain Headlines

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