Killington skier diary

Yesterday I was feeling a little lost after starting out Somewhere and ending up Nowhere. I then ran into Julio who called Juanita to tell her we thought we saw a Scarecrow. After that we both had a Header on the Stairs. In a Roundabout way we went back and got a bigger basket on our poles to Escape this problem but still felt a little Treezy. Vertigo effects did not help our stomachs and Growling began, we then had Reason for a case of the Ridge Runs which led us down the Fall Line to a Royal Flush. I hitched my pants up after Low Rider and then took another ride on the slowdown chair. To finish the day I had my way with Patsy’s and then went home and did not mention any of this to my wife.

Just a typical day at the big K

-Sincerely Yours, Chip