Things that make you say WOW

Bubba scrub 2

Every once in a while you see something that makes your draw drop. The recent nor”easter storm comes to my memory. The feeling of charging down Devil’s Fiddle and blasting thru the chopped up powder was a definite bright moment.

The feeling of silently flying thru the trees after a big dump is another bright moment in many skiers or riders mind.

One move I saw many tree skiers doing to add some speed control to the controlled flight thru the trees, I will call the “Bubba scrub.” To people familiar with the motocross scene you will know this term. The Bubba scrub is named after the inventor of a move in motocross that helps the rider be faster when negotiating jumps. The use of it is now common for the top racers of motocross, but the first to use it was James “Bubba” Stewart. He figured out that soaring high off the jumps of motocross was entertaining to the fans but slower for the riders than staying low and being able to use the power of the motorcycle sooner. So what he does is just before the lip of the jump he whips the bike sideways so the tires come off the ground before the lip and as a result shoots on a flatter trajectory off the jump. This enables him to land sooner and get the motorcycle powering ahead of his competitors. When I saw him do this at the Unadilla motocross track it was a definite WOW moment. They have a part of the track I like to sit at called Gravity Cavity which has riders drop into this ravine and then shoot into the air (30-40 feet) as they exit the gully. Well, when James Stewart came off that jump he dragged his foot peg in the lip of the jump doing the “Bubba scrub” and landed before the rider who was ahead of him at the exit of Gravity Cavity, passing him before the next turn. I did not believe what I saw, then he came around on the next lap and did it again.

To pull the Bubba scrub while skiing you need some mounds of powder. The beauty of this move is you can scrub off speed while changing direction. Something that is quite useful while ripping in the trees or any mogul field. Find some bumps with clumps of powder near them. Then try jumping off a bump and landing in the middle of the powder clump. While in the air extend the legs fully and land on your heels so the scrubbing of speed into the clump of powder does not throw you head over heels. On the next attempt turn the skis or board the new direction while in the air and land in the clump with the ability to go the next direction with a controllable amount of speed. Once you own this move on the bump runs, take it to the trees and feel how loosing speed while doing the Bubba scrub is a beautiful thing.

By: Chip Dwyer’, ‘Do the “Bubba Scrub” in the powder’